Destinations - Sri Lanka

Most beautiful places to see in Sri Lanka


KANDYAncient | Historical | Cultural

Kandy is very popular due to the annual pageant known as the Esala Perahera and The Royal Botanical Garden


TRINCOMALEEBeach | Historical | Nature

Trincomalee is a natural deep-water harbor that attracted great sea farers like Marco Polo...


NILAVELIBeach | Water Sports | Nature

The natural harbour and beach is one of finest in the world. Nilaveli is an ideal place for water sports like scuba diving.


KATARAGAMAReligious | Historical | Annual Pageant

Regionally popular place of pilgrimage of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and indigenous Vedda communities of Sri Lanka


NUWARA ELIYAWaterfalls | Cool Climate | Nature

The town's attractions include the golf course, trout streams, Victoria Park, and boating or fishing on Lake Gregory


SIGIRIYAAncient | Historical | Nature

The spectacular 'Lion rock' fortress, stands majestically overlooking the luscious green jungle surroundings


ANURADHAPURAAncient | Religious | Historical

The ancient city of Anuradhapura was quite large in its heyday, and so there is a lot of archaeology to see.


POLONNARUWAAncient | Religious | Historical

The ancient city of Polonnaruwa remains one of the best planned Archeological relic sites in the country.


YAPAHUWAAncient | Religious | Historical

The palace and fortress were built by King Buvanekabahu (1273). Many traces of ancient battle defences can still be seen.


COLOMBOCapital | Shopping | Beach

Colombo is the largest city and commercial capital of Sri Lanka. Colombo is a busy and vibrant city with a mixture of modern life


WASGAMUWAWildlife | Nature | Safari

Wasgamuwa is famous as an elephant habitat. These elephants are known to be less habituated to people and are more wildish


KAUDULLAWildlife | Nature | Safari

With fantastic opportunities to see many elephants at close range, the park has become a popular destina tion for wildlife safaris


YALAWildlife | Nature | Safari

one of Sri Lanka 's premier Wildlife destinations, home to many Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Crocodiles and more.


JAFFNAReligious | Nature | Historical

Also known as Yaalpanam. Located on the northern-most part of Sri Lanka. One of the oldest places of inhabition in South-east Asia


NAGADEEPAReligious | Nature | Historical

Nagadeepa or Nainativu is one of the smallest island in the Gulf of mannar. It is both a place of religious significance and beauty.


NEGOMBOBeach | Water Sports | Nature

Negombo offers some of the better beaches on the west coast. tourists stop over for a day on their way to or from the airport.


INDURUWABeach | Nature | Relaxing

a small fishing village stretching along a small creek. The sandy beaches are ideal for long walks, sun bathing and swimming


HAPUTALETea Plantations | Nature | Cool Climate

It is one of the places with a very rich biodiversity and allows a very beautiful view of the Southern Plains.