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Sports in Sri lanka

Sports form an integral part in recreational activities for both locals and tourists. A lot of sports clubs located in Sri Lanka with a high concentration around the Colombo city. Schools have made sports a compulsory extracurricular activity. The number is sports famous among people are given below:



Volleyball is the national sport of the country. It all started from the city of Gampaha. Yearly national volleyball matches take place in Sri Lanka among schools and sports clubs.



The most famous sport in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the few countries who have done exceptionally well in cricket in the world grabbing the 1996 World Cup. A lot of world famous Sri Lankan sportsman were cricketers.

Aquatic Sports

Aquatic Sports

1. Scuba Diving
One of the favourite recreational activities among tourists .There are several dive sites along Sri Lanka's coastline, where scuba diving is mostly done , Hikkaduwa beach and Tangalla beach during Nivember to April and Nilaveli from April to September. While diving you will be able to be familiar with the vibrant, rich and breath-takingly beautiful coral reefs and fish

2. Snorkeling
Wind/Water Surfing The same seasons for scuba diving apply to snorkeling which is the next best receational acitivity if you want to see the beauty of the Sri Lankan coastline for youself.

3. Wind/Water Surfing
The most famous place for surfing is the Arugam bay on the East Coast which also happened to host the 2004 National Championships. The usual surfing season is from April to September when it is very windy. Southern Coastal beaches are also famous among surfers.

4. Water-skiing
For those of you who want to pump up the adrenaline in your system, the best water sport would be water-skiing which can be done almost on any coastline. Jet-skiing and wake boarding is also on demand.

5. Boat Cruising
The most relaxing activity that you can find as you explore the beautiful scenery along the river banks (is you are cruising in a river) or the horizon (when you are cruising in the sea). Either way you will be guaranteed to have a great time whilst winding down after a long day in a glass-bottomed boat.

6. White Water Rafting
This mostly takes place along the rivers in the hill country. Filled with fun is definitely going to leave you exhilarating. One session usualy ends upto about one or two hours.

7. Kayaking
Another relaxing activity that is done along the river or sea allowing you glimse more of the natural beauty that is Sri Lanka.

N.B. All of these activities are available for beginners too, qualifies diving coaches and trainers are available. Special courses are also given for those who want to learn new techniques in water sports.



Introduced to Sri Lanka by the British , is very among schools based in Colombo and Kandy. Tournaments usually take place between schools and sport clubs.

Motor Sports

Motor Sports

This sport is more famous among the youth of Sri Lanka. 4 x 4 rallies are the best way to explore Sri Lanka on wheels.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

Hiking / Mountain Biking

Hiking is usually done up in the Hill country where mountains and water falls are found in abundance. Jungles and nature reserves are also covered during hiking. Abit of bird watching can also be thrown in at the same time. Fully trained guides are on hand by hotels that offer hiking as a part of their package when it comes to exlporing Sri Lanka's


Sports played in Sri Lanka makes you go crazy. You'll get amazed once you start watching these videos. You'll also feel like playing as you come across these spectacular videos.

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