Eco Tourism - Sri Lanka

Eco Tourism in Sri Lanka

Eco tourism in Sri Lanka is a huge trend right now, where most people want to experience their surroundings of the purest form, such as pristine seas and unexplored wilderness. A lot of rain forests are among the list of places to visit in eco-tourism. Pearly beaches and small islands are also famous among tourists. When it comes to wildlife, camping at night, getting a closer look at animals are the main features of it. Hiking, Mountain climbing, canoeing, kayaking are a part of eco-tourim that ensures maximum exposure to nature with a minimal infrastructure. A lot of rules follow when travelling, littering is absolutely prohibited, no vandalising any properties or feeding any wild animals. The rainforests are to maintained at their virgin states as much as possible. Eco-tourism is the next best thing when visiting Sri Lanka, it gives you da oppoturnity to be as close to nature as you can ever get.

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