Weather & Climates - Sri Lanka

Weather and Climates in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tropical country located quite close to the equatot thus bringing an over all warm climate throughout the year with the exceptions of a couple of monsoons seasons which lasts for a couple of months. Sri Lankan climate suits well for tourists who want to work out on their tan and soak up a couple of vitamin Ds.

However, the upland countries have a much cooler temperate than other parts of the country. Still the sun tends to shine almost everywhere. The coastal areas are both warm with abit of humid due to the mixing of the ocean moisture. Sri lanka doesn't have a clear cut season at all, its all warm and humid throughout the year, even during the monsoons you can always see abit of the sun.

Since Sri Lanka doesn't have marked seasons per say monsoon seasons are usually assumed within a range of a months. The monsoon seasons are generally considered to be with May or August and November to February. January is said to be the coldest during the year whereas the hottest would be from May to June.

The Average mean temperature along the coast is 26.7 degrees. Colombo has a range of 26-27 degrees. Place with high elevations tend to be around 16 degrees. Relative humidity ranges from 70% daytime to 90% during the night. At the end of the day you can usually describe as being very hot with a very high humidity . But still the Sri Lankan climate wont hinder your plans on having a great holiday of your life.


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