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Most Fantastic Scuba Diving Sites in Sri Lanka

One of the favourite recreational activities among tourists .There are several dive sites along Sri Lanka's coastline, where scuba diving is mostly done , Hikkaduwa beach and Tangalla beach during Nivember to April and Nilaveli from April to September. While diving you will be able to be familiar with the vibrant, rich and breath-takingly beautiful coral reefs and fish

Scuba Diving Bentota


The most ideal place for surfing and all other water sports. as well as for a romantic honeymoon or holiday. Its located about 62 km sounth of Colombo.

Scuba Diving Hikkaduwa


Majority of beach parties in Sri Lanka are held here. Known for its great resorts lining the coast and sandy beaches situated 98 kilometers south of Colombo. Scuba diving is much in demand in Hikkaduwa because of its legendary coral gardens.

Scuba Diving Negombo


The beaches of Negombo are most of the time less crowded and unexplored which means that the beach is mostly to yourself. Recreational sports such as Diving and surfing are famous among tourists. The Muthurajawela Marsh off Negombo lagoon just south of the town is a unique wetland habitat and the largest marsh in Sri Lanka popular with eco enthusiasts.

Scuba Diving Nilaveli


Water sports such as wind surfing and diving are very famous among tourists and even locals. Sun bathing is also a really great option if you want to work out on your tan. Snorkelling is also done along the small rocky islands just abit further away from the coast.

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