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Most Beautiful Bird Watching Sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is literally a bird-watcher's treasure box. It is a bird watching paradise with a large number of birds that endemic to Sri Lanka. The best part of it is that there is no on and off season for bird watching since the climate is the quite the same throughout the year. Sri Lanka is home to about 400 species of birds in which 23 is said to be endemic. A lot of birds that migrate are found in Sri Lanka.

bird watching kalmatiya


The oldest bird sanctuary in Sri Lanka. The best time to see birds is during November to March. The sanctuary is overall a wetland with swamps and lagoons.

bird watching kandalama

Kandalama Sanctuary

Within the forest lies the Kandalama tank around which a very rich bird life can be observes. More than 145 species are said to have been spotted in this sanctuary.Kandalama is the best place for bird-watching in the North Central province.

bird watching udawattekale

Udawattekale Sanctuary

This sanctuary is home to the Sri Lankan hangin parrot, yellow-fronted barbet, Layard's parakeet among many more birds. Beauitul Butterflies can also be observed in this sanctuary which is located 1 km off the Wewlpitiya Road

bird watching sinharaja

Sinharaja Forest

Located in the Sabaragamuwa province, this is considered as one of the best habitats for birds to live in. There is abundant bird life including a lot of endemic birds such as Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Black-crested Bulbul, the blue magpie among many others.

bird watching kitulgala

Kitulgala Forest Reserve

The Kithulgala forest is the secondary rain forest situated beside the Kelani River. Red faced Malkoha, Ceylon Blue Magpie, Layard's parakeet are among the many birds that are seen here.

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